Our technology


A highly trained team in DTP studio checks carefully every file which we begin to work with in our printing house, we make sure that at this stage of production, the cooperation with You can proceed flawlessly and with attention to detail.

The software we have, guarantees a smooth flow of information between the graphics department and the client, and then with the department preparing CTP plates.

Thanks to Kodak InSite Prepress system, a client from the other side of Poland can follow his order.

Graphisoft, Rhapso Group company system which we use among other things for the management of Prepressdepartment, allows for efficient organization of DTP studio and the whole production.

With our own CTP studio equipped with Epson proofing system and a fully automatic exposure machine of Kodak Magnus 800, we are sure that Your prints will meet Your expectations.

Equipment and software

  • Exposure system for CTP plates – Heidelberg and Kodak
  • Kodak InSite Prepress Portal System
  • Graphisoft
  • Proofing Epson driven by Kodak