Our technology


Who wouldn’t like to have such equipment?

Bookbinding machinery and equipment which we have, put us in one line with the most modern printing companies in Europe.

Their diversity makes it possible that we are able to do the most complicated bookbinding without the help of subcontractors.

This results in the shorter production time and maintaining perfect quality of Your product.


KM 200

The first line of this type in Poland for softcover perfect binding and sewn perfect binding, which includes 15-station collator; binder for three types of glue; three-knife cutter HD 153:

  • The machine produces 5,000 books in paperback or hard cover blocks per hour
  • The possibility of the glue: Hot-melt, Two-shot and PUR
  • Working in line with the collator or alone
  • Two clamping stations of binding edge

The latest technology that has been used in KM-200 Bookjet Edition, guarantees a perfect product of the first book that leaves the assembly line.



 Kolbus BF 512

Line for hard cover combined with a device for taping blocks/;

  • Working 30 cycles per minute, which results in 1,500 hardcover books per hour.
  • Fully automatic settings



Man Roland FormerLine VFF-2

A machine for the paper web working in line with the Kodak Prosper 1000, in 4 minutes it is able to produce 100 semi-finished products ready for soft or hard binding.

  • The maximum speed of 360 m/min
  • Setting the web in folded sheets 4/6/8
  • Integrated collating collector and pre-gluing station



Bookbinding machines:


  • integrated line for softcover perfect binding and sewn perfect hard binding – Kolbus KM 470, which includes 24-station collator; binder for the glue type HOT-MELT; three-knife cutter HD
  • machines for production of covers for hard cover Kolbus DA 270 and DA 260
  • saddle-stitching line for 6-station Stichmaster ST 100 Heidelberg for ordinary and eye staples
  • fully automated Perfecta cutter 2 pcs. stacking a pile on pallets
  • folding machines: STAHL, 2pcs with corner perforation; GUK, 2 pcs. full-size B1 cassete-knife like
  • corner perforators integrated with folding machines, from Pamatec company 2 pcs.
  • sewing machines: Muller Martini Ventura 3215; Astronic 220
  • a machine to sew with Heidelberg thermothreads
  • automatic screen for refining print by UV varnish MIRUS Anleger, A1
  • Printlam foiling machine from Tauler company for refining print with different types of foils in B1 format
  • automatic registers cutter – Durrer REGA 5
  • semi-automatic registers cutter – Durrer
  • automatic die-cutter – Kigher SL-1060MPC, B1
  • die-cutting machine – Crossland, B1
  • automated line for hot stamping – Kolbus
  • a machine for cutting various types of covering into parts – from Pasquato company
  • machines for sewing the covers from PFAF company
  • a machine for binding and putting a spiral
  • a machine for rounding the corners of blocks and covers – Corner Master and Corner Trim from SCS company
  • a machine to glue flat rubber to hard covers or hardcover books
  • Peroni Ruggero, AGD-EI / A
  • Bourg – bookbinding machine for saddle-stitching