Offset printing

Our offset machines give us a range of possibilities to use the multi-colour printing in full.

Fulfilling your orders we focus not only on the technology but also on the talent of our experienced employees, which results in an excellent final product.

Here are some products which we can do for you:




» Catalogues

» Magazines

» Brochures






» Calendars

» Albums

» Books





Ikona katalogi w oprawie zeszytowej


» Folders sewn with a flat staple or euro

» Colouring books with stickers

» Instructions





Ikona notesy na spirali


» Wall calendars – spiral

» Desktop Calendars

» Company notebooks






» Leaflets

» Flat sheets






Ikona plakat



» Posters

» Poster calendars





Ikona teczka



» Files








Ikona planer



» Planners